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So, You Call Yourself a Movie Lover?


There is a common steering away from local cinemas as more people gravitate toward “potato-ing” on the couch enthralled by beloved television characters in their gripping plot twists and intense story arcs served on a decorated flat-screen platter of technologically-advanced cinematography and quality production. Yes, TV Shows have officially surpassed movies in popularity and overall focus by the entertainment industry.

But for the nostalgic movie-lovers and collectors, heading to the theatre to watch a release still, stirs a childhood giddiness. And if you have these kinds of sentiments about movies, we’ve compiled a sterling, must-have list for all movie-lovers.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Directed by David Fincher, Benjamin Button tells a story about time. Button, who is born “under unusual circumstances” – a euphemism for an “old man”- and instead of dying, defies the entire natural order of life by growing younger. The drama involves romance, a splash of quirk and bring out the tissues because it really jerks your tears. It’s based on the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald who also wrote The Great Gatsby.

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                    Available for R49

Fight Club

Another one starring Brad Pitt and Directed by David Fincher (no, we’re not playing favourites), is a great one for your collection. It follows the story of a depressed insomniac who meets Tyler Durden, a strange soap salesman, who, together, form a hush-hush and soon-to-be militant fight club with strict rules. Watch as they beat each other to a pulp and see the unfolding of things not as they seem.

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Available From R52

Into The Wild

Based on a true-life story, Into The Wild pulls on the heart strings of what it really means to be human, alive and free. Christopher, who is recently graduated, chooses to leave the predictable life of studies, work, money and all the material possessions of this world to live simply in the wild. Watch the brave journey he embarks to the Alaskan wilderness and all the challenges he’s faced with along the way.

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Available from R64

Inglorious Basterds

What would a collection be without a bit of Quentin Tarantino? Inglorious Basterds is described as “Bizarre, bold, and bloody” and is all that and more. It’s a World War II movie but not like the ones you’ve seen. This one is different and chatty, like all Tarantino movies, and takes many liberties with history. But nevertheless is one you’ll watch over again for its plot, picture and excellent casting.

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Available from R176

So, are you a movie lover?


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