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Review: Run Smart with Puma’s Deviate Nitro Running Shoes


Puma is investing heavily into the running world. The sports brand recently announced a new running-centric line, with the Deviate Nitro being the flagship launch running shoe.

Alongside the Deviate is the Deviate Elite, Velocity, Liberate, and Eternity — all featuring Puma’s new Nitro foam technology, whereby nitrogen is injected into the sole in order to soften and cushion the foam further, but Puma emphasises that while other brands have similar processes with their soles, it’s the superior quality of the raw materials which sets the new line apart.

Puma Deviate Nitro

To add further support to the ultra-lightweight shoes, a carbon fibre plate, known as the ‘Innoplate’, is also inserted into the sole, giving a lot more stability while still remaining responsive and durable.

I’ve been putting the Deviate Nitro to the test for the last couple of weeks to bring you the low-down on this performance-driven running shoe. Built for speed, the Deviate Nitro has two layers of Puma’s new Nitro foam, and the new Innoplate technology, offering max cushioning with improved efficiency for long runs.

Slipping on these runners for the first time I immediately felt like I had more of a spring in my step and more cushioning. Designed as a daily training shoe for serious runners, the Puma Deviate Nitro aims to make your long runs, easy runs.

Puma Deviate Nitro

While these shoes weren’t designed as a speed race shoe, they feel and fit more like a race shoe than my usual everyday running shoes. Pros who have more than one pair of running shoes will no doubt train in these Deviate Nitros and race in the Deviate Elite, but for us mere mortals with a few marathons under the belt, but no trophies to show for it, the Deviate Nitro will be ideal for both training and race day.

The extra bounce and quick feedback you get from the shoe really made me pick up the pace during my runs without even noticing, and it even felt like the shape of the shoe and Puma’s Nitro foam improved my form.

Puma Deviate

The cushioning in this shoe is unreal and the improved efficiency on long runs is unquestionable. The fit is great too; I was able to lace-up and go from my first run with no need to break them in. Whilst many of the carbon plated shoes on the market right now are very narrow, I found my not-so-narrow feet were able to fit comfortably into the Nitro with enough space in the toe box. The shoes provide a great balance between performance and comfort.

Whether you’re a serious runner looking for a great running shoe for everyday training or are an amateur looking to take your running to a whole new level, the Puma Deviate Nitro running shoes won’t disappoint. The top tier running shoes will set you back a pretty penny, but they’re oh-so-worth-it. But, be warned, these shows are purely for running and won’t do well as a cross-trainer for the gym and road running.

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