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Puma Relaunches Running Line with 5 New Models


Puma is clearly investing into the running world heavily with the announcement of its new running-centric line, with the Deviate Nitro being the flagship launch running shoe. With five exciting new running models hitting the shelves this year, there will be plenty for avid runners to explore.

Alongside the flagship Deviate is the Deviate Elite, Velocity, Liberate, and Eternity — all featuring Puma’s new Nitro foam technology, whereby nitrogen is injected into the sole in order to soften and cushion the foam further, but Puma emphasises that while other brands have similar processes with their soles, it’s the superior quality of the raw materials which sets the new line apart.

To add further support to the ultra-lightweight shoes, a carbon fibre plate, known as the ‘Innoplate’, is also inserted into the sole, giving a lot more stability while still remaining responsive and durable.


Price: R4,000

Puma Deviate

The Deviate Nitro is Puma’s performance running shoe, built for speed and an effortless run. The Deviate Nitro has two layers of Puma’s new Nitro foam, and the new Innoplate technology, offering max cushioning with improved efficiency for long runs. The Deviate Nitro is meant for a runner who is looking for more cushioning for high mileage and marathons.

Deviate Elite

Price: TBC

Puma Deviate Elite

For those looking for an answer on race day, the Deviate Nitro Elite racer is engineered specifically for improved speed on race day. The Deviate Nitro Elite has two layers of Puma’s supercritical peba-based elite version of Nitro, called Nitro Elite and the new fully carbon fibre Innoplate technology, offering max responsiveness and propulsion for race day.


Price: R2,900

Puma Eternity

The Eternity is specifically designed for runners looking for more stability and support. Puma’s new runGuide system sets the Eternity apart from the other shoes in the line. The runGuide is a firm density rim that promotes proper alignment and keeps the foot centred through each stride. The Eternity Nitro is the perfect choice for runners seeking durability and comfort.


Price: R2,600

Puma Liberate

The Liberate Nitro is the fastest option for short distance runs and races. The Liberate Nitro midsole is comprised of Nitro, Puma’s new foam offering an incredibly lightweight shoe with superior cushioning. A simplified mono-mesh upper looks futuristic and drains water well should a runner encounter any moisture. The Liberate Nitro is the perfect choice for a fast tempo run or short race up to a half marathon.


Price: R2,800

Puma Velocity

The Velocity Nitro is meant for any distance and offers a smooth ride in a durable and well-fitting shoe. The styling is sleek, and the comfort is outstanding based on intelligently integrated Nitro, Puma’s new foam.

Puma’s Deviate, Deviate Elite, Velocity, Liberate, and Eternity styles will be available in South Africa on 4 March. 

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