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Our Top 5 Virtual Reality Games for Your Mobile


One of the latest developments to hit the gaming world is the release of the Virtual Reality headset. With this device, you can simply slot your phone into the top of the headset and explore new virtual worlds. We thought that we would pick out some of our favourite games you can go through and explore. With everything from shooting zombies to exploring real cities, we unpack some of the best that the virtual world has to offer you!

1. Google Street View In Virtual Reality

If you love travel, but realistically can only travel out to your backyard, this is for you. Google Cardboard now works with Google Street View in an ingenious way. Simply update your Operating System, whether you are on iOS or Android, and start playing around with the settings. Although not perfect, the experience is somewhat thrilling as you get to pick out a desired destination and virtually explore it.

Free to use on both Android and iPhone.

2. VR Noir

Step into the world of a washed-up private detective and experience an investigation first hand. This game takes the world of crime-fighting and investigation from your TV screen to your lap. The game is filled with high-pressure drama. You will need to solve puzzles, work through riddles, and complete stages to get to the end. If this was a TV series, the story-line acting and filming would be rather B-Grade. For the VR experience, however, it definitely works!

VR Noir is available now to download for free on Android and iOS for Google Cardboard and on the Oculus Store for Samsung Gear VR.

3. Zombie Shooter VR

You simply cannot download any games onto your device without getting at least one zombie game. It’s the unwritten rule of gaming. This zombie shooter game is available on both Android and iPhone. You will find yourself stuck in a post-apocalyptic subway station with thousands of brain-hungry zombies on the loose. You will be given a gun and sent out to survive the onslaught. Despite the graphics not being incredible and the game not as smooth as you would like it, it is still tons of fun.

$1.99 will get you the game on both Android and iPhone.  

4. YouTube in VR

This is definitely something to look out for. Although you can watch any video on YouTube in this setting, the full experience is available if you head on over to YouTube’s 360 Channel. The industry is currently in its budding phase, but the expectation for this is really high. It is expected that, soon, you will have a plethora of 360-degree options to choose from. If you want to start exploring and playing around, it is easy to do so. Simply update the app. There have, however, been complaints about it not automatically installing. If the options are not coming up, delete, and re-install YouTube. Then have a look in the corner of the video for three dots. Tap these dots and choose the Cardboard icon and viola!

Free to use on both Android and iPhone.

5. Sisters

If horror is your thing, look no further. This is a virtual reality ghost tour that you can take in the comfort of your own home. Expect plenty of jump scares and creepy, tense moments as you take the tour around this game. The game is based on wandering around the cabin of the infamous child-killer Rustin Parr. A Blair Witch special, you can expect horrific imagery and unsettling sounds from this virtual experience. Well worth it if you are more into the dark world.

Free to use on both Android and iPhone.


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