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New Volkswagen Caddy to Retail in South Africa in November


Volkswagen SA will be launching the new Caddy in South Africa from November 2021. First launched in the local market in 1992, the Caddy has proved to be a popular choice in South Africa with 35,617 units of the vehicle sold to date. In 2020, the fourth generation Caddy sold 1,730 units, making it a strong contender in the City Van segment.

Now, the fifth-generation Volkswagen Caddy will be launched with a new naming convention: Caddy, Caddy Maxi, Caddy Kombi, Caddy Maxi Kombi, Caddy Cargo and Caddy Maxi Cargo.

New exterior features and design

In 2021 the VW Caddy exterior has a new and striking sporty design and new high-end technologies have found their way into the Caddy range. New exterior features include new LED headlights and LED rear lights, painted body-coloured bumpers and black roof rails. Optional exterior features include a panoramic sunroof with a large glass area of 1.4m², a removable tow bar that can tow a maximum weight of 1 500kg as well as 16-inch Wien alloy wheels.

Volkswagen Caddy

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Plus, the new Caddy is available in 12 exterior paint colours with five new colours now available in the fifth-generation model.

Caddy and Caddy Maxi – for passenger and lifestyle use

If you’re looking for loads of space to accommodate a large family then the new Caddy could be right up your alley. The entry-level derivative of the new VW Cadd comes as a short wheelbase with five seats and an optional seven-seat selection. It’s the ideal choice for a passenger vehicle or lifestyle use when space is paramount. Even as a short wheelbase, the new VW Caddy is broader and longer. A stand-out lifestyle feature is the optional panoramic glass roof, which is the largest in the segment.

The Caddy Maxi (long wheelbase) comes standard with a seven-seat configuration and is sure to be a popular choice as a passenger vehicle for those needing to transport large groups on a regular basis.

Caddy Kombi and Caddy Maxi Kombi – for carrying more people.

If your group is extra-large, then you’ll want to spring for the larger Caddy Kombi. The Caddy Kombi is ideal for everyday use as well as for sport, leisure, work and holidays. The vehicle can be easily converted to suit various personal and business needs. Recent conversions include for people living with disabilities, mobile offices, K9 units and hearses.

The Caddy Kombi comes available as a short wheelbase with seven seats and the Caddy Maxi Kombi is available in a long wheelbase version with five seats and an optional seven-seat configuration. Both model lines feature easily removable and folding seats as well as easy-access sliding rear passenger doors.

Volkswagen Caddy

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Features of the Caddy Kombi include black coated bumpers, steel wheels, H7 Halogen headlights and an electronic brake with auto-hold. Optional features include a Rear View Camera, LED headlights, App-Connect, multi-function steering wheel, 16-inch Wien alloy wheels, tow bar (fixed or removable), rear wing doors, front fog lamps with cornering lights and cruise control.

Caddy Cargo and Caddy Maxi Cargo – for carrying bigger loads

If you’re after a small cargo vehicle, then the Caddy Cargo is for you. The exterior design sees the roofline sloping down slightly towards the back. The short wheelbase is 2.755mm in length and has a load compartment volume of 3.1m3. The Caddy Maxi Cargo with a long wheelbase of 2.970mm allows a load compartment volume of 3.7m3.

Highlights of the Caddy Cargo include; up to six lashing rings in the load compartment, a brake assist system, electronically adjustable door mirrors, an electronic parking brake with auto-hold function, H7 Halogen main headlights and daytime running lights, single near-side sliding door (Caddy Cargo SWB), twin near-side and off-side sliding doors (Caddy Maxi Cargo) and a rear wing door which is split into a ⅔ to ⅓ ratio and has a maximum opening angle of 180°.

Large modernised interior with practical storage

Inside, the fifth-generation Caddy impresses with new high-tech solutions and more space. The Caddy Maxi Cargo, now provides room for up to two Euro pallets, making it a stellar vehicle for small businesses.

The indicator and control elements have been completely redesigned: the interactive interfaces for the driver and front-seat passenger are formed by the new radio and infotainment systems of which the Composition Comfort radio is smartphone compatible (App-Connect). The modern instrument cluster now has the traditional rotary switch for lights. In addition, LED interior lights enhances the interior of the car. Another new feature is a roof vent for better climate control and faster stationary ventilation in the back.

Volkswagen Caddy

Plus, new driver assistance systems make the Caddy safer and easier to drive. VW says, the new Caddy range showcases some of Volkswagen’s most advanced driver assistance systems. With Cruise Control, the new Caddy offers a relaxing drive for longer journeys. Park Assist paired with the Rear-View Camera takes the hassle out of parking in tight spaces, while Trailer Manoeuvring will give drivers the confidence to guide a trailer easily.

New Caddy Engine line-up

The new Caddy range will be available in two engines, one petrol and one diesel.

1.6i MPI engine

The four-cylinder petrol engine develops 81kW, torque of 152Nm and is coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission. Fuel consumption is 7.3 litres/ 100km. This engine is available in the Caddy, Caddy Kombi (SWB) and Caddy Cargo (SWB) derivatives.

2.0 TDI engine

The four-cylinder diesel engine also develops 81kW and a torque of 300Nm and is coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission. Fuel consumption is 5.5 litres/ 100km. The 2.0 TDI engine is available in the Caddy, Caddy Maxi (LWB), Caddy Kombi (SWB), Caddy Maxi Kombi (LWB), Caddy Cargo (SWB) and Caddy Maxi Cargo (LWB).

The passenger version Caddy and Caddy Maxi come standard with a 3-year / 120 000km warranty while the Caddy Kombi, Caddy Maxi Kombi, Caddy Cargo and Caddy Maxi Cargo come standard with a 2-year / unlimited-kilometre warranty. The entire Caddy range also comes standard with a 12-year anti-corrosion warranty.

The fifth-generation Caddy will be available from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Dealers from November.

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