Saturday, October 16

Must-See Classic Movies


Spending your weekends at home lately? You might want to add these trusted classics to your movie collection for a snug and oh-so entertaining way to spend your downtime indoors.

Granted when I say classics, I don’t necessarily mean made 50 years ago, rather the kind that ticks every box and leaves you with that  “now that’s a good flick” feeling. These picks will definitely lift your spirits and bid a swift farewell to the winter blues, whether you’re going solo, or with an chilling with an entourage. Here’s a mini definitive classic movie buying guide:

Trusted throwbacks


Clueless is definitely one for the girls. Alicia Silverstone and Stacey Dash play the roles of Cher and Dee, as share their version of high-school and surprising life lessons, with a witty twist. Loosely based on Jane Austen’s Emma, this flick is a 90s classic and must-have for your DVD collection. Let’s not forget Mean Girls! Because there’s a mean girl in everyone – and who doesn’t love quoting the endlessly funny lines. Is butter a carb?

Love, sex, epic fails and all that jazz

For some slightly more ‘grown up’ fun, add some Sex and the City into the mix, and make sure you follow it with the sequel and a homemade Cosmos. Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, Bridesmaids and anything with Kate Hudson and J.Lo are pretty good home theatre viewing as well.

Three’s a crowd


Feel all the “feels” with Brown Sugar, The Best Man and the recently released sequel, The Best Man Holiday – a definite must-see. Also try Friends with Benefits, My Best Friend’s Girl, There’s Something About Mary and Going The Distance for some cute couple laughs.

It’s a man’s world

Bad Boys and the Friday trilogy always provide a good time. Trying to avoid anything Rocky? Nicolas Cage is just manly enough in Face/Off and Con Air. Also, superhero movies are pretty good for him and her too. Super powers, those costumes… You’re welcome.

Pop that corn, gather all the snacks humanly possible and invite your girls, or special guy over. Bonus? They’re classics, so you’re bound to find a killer deal on PriceCheck. Be sure to let us know if we missed any of your must-sees.


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