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LG Launches Sleek XBOOM Go PL Speaker Series in South Africa


With so many options out there, shopping for a portable Bluetooth speaker can be daunting. But, not all Bluetooth speakers are made equal. If you’re serious about music, then you’ll want to invest in a good-quality speaker with excellent sound, like the LG XBOOM Go PL series. Bring the beats this summer with LG’s latest XBOOM Go PL series of Bluetooth speakers. The new line-up of portable speakers are lightweight, water-resistant, and compact with excellent battery life.

The LG speaker series includes the PL7, PL5, and PL2 speakers, each with a long list of features you’re sure to love. Developed in collaboration with Meridian Audio, LG says the speakers produce rich, premium sound with less distortion, even when the volume is turned right up. The end caps on the PL7 and PL5 function as passive bass radiators, vibrating with the music so that you’ll literally be able to feel the beat.

If you want to keep the party going all night long, the battery on the PL7 will give you 24 hours of sound while the smaller PL5 for 18 hours, and the PL2 for 10 hours. If you need more than 24 hours of sound, then you can simply connect it to a power source or charge it. The USB Type-C charging port is easy to use; just plug and play. In addition to this, the PL7 can also charge your mobile phone.

In addition to great battery life, the XBOOM Go is also pool-party proof. The speaker is rated IPX5 water-resistant, so it can handle being sprayed with water, keeping it safe from splashes, spilled drinks, and other water hazards associated with summer.

The speaker setup offers some pretty impressive Bluetooth-enabled capabilities. Pair it with your smartphone for remote control by downloading the LG XBOOM Bluetooth app. Pair two devices with the app and seamlessly control the playlist with another guest – without any awkward silences. Wireless Party Link lets you connect up to 100 XBOOM Go speakers for one massive sound experience, a great way to amp up any party. You could also consider linking two speakers to your compatible LG TV  to create rear stereo or surround sound.

With its appealing features and battery life, the LG XBOOM Go is the ultimate portable party starter this summer.

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