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Huawei Launches WiFi 6 Plus Router in SA


Huawei has launched its first-ever WiFi 6 plus router in South Africa. According to Huawei, the new Huawei WiFi AX3 offers users faster speed, larger capacity, lower latency and less power consumption. If you’re in the market for a new router, this new and improved device may just be what you’re looking.

What is WiFi 6 plus?

WiFi 6 plus is the new generation WiFi standard and is supported by 5G. Compared to the previous generation, WiFi 6 is said to be three times faster, supporting a frequency bandwidth of up to 160 MHz. It’s also said to have four times more capacity, allowing multiple devices to share the spectrum. The new technology also boasts two-thirds lower latency and less interference.

Huawei WiFi AX3

The Huawei WiFi AX3

Huawei says its high-performance router delivers the fastest speeds and strongest signal compared to other 3000 Mbps WiFi 6 routers. The device is equipped with the powerful quad-core 1.4 GHz Gigahome CPU, which boosts the WiFi 6 speed to over 1 Gbps, so an HD movie can be downloaded in just 10 seconds. This CPU’s great performance also means multi connections without latency.

You’ll also enjoy greatly enhanced signal strength with the Huawei WiFi AX3 router. The device is equipped with two independent signal amplifiers, delivering better signals for all devices, even if they are not equipped with WiFi 6. The device also supports wireless networking, and network cable networking, and is also able to connect with certain previous Huawei Wi-Fi routers to expand network coverage in the home.

The Huawei AX3 dual-core is now available in South Africa at a recommended price of R1,499. 

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