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Get in Gear: We Review the New Puma Fuse Training Shoe


The Crossfit and cross-training trend is still big news in the fitness industry. So, it makes sense that many fitness brands are keeping an eye on the burgeoning area in order to meet the unique demands of the workouts. Puma is the latest sports brand to tackle the world of cross-training gear with its first specially-designed cross-training shoe, the Fuse. Designed to help bring some stability, durability, and performance-boosting elements to those all-body workouts, the new Puma Fuse training shoe is sure to be a popular choice with those who enjoy high-intensity training.

From a design perspective, the Puma Fuse has a striking look which could be as at-home on a sneaker shelf as it would a gym bag. The two-tone black and grey design, accented by some red trimmings, give the Fuse a classic look, but having a low-profile silhouette keeps it looking slick and subtle, while also keeping you closer and more connected to the ground, which is where the Fuse matters.

Going above and beyond

While running shoes are typically as lightweight and streamlined as possible, cross-training footwear is often more dynamic, offering more features that are far more conducive to doing various strength and functional exercises. The Puma Fuse wanted to deliver on this philosophy by offering some unique features on the model.

Puma Fuse

Firstly, there’s a four-millimetre drop on the heel, which is slightly less than the average running shoe, which tends to put wearers in a somewhat forward-leaning position. This lower heel rise keeps you on your toes, but also stable enough to handle more dynamic movements. Furthermore, the two-box is notably wider, allowing you to utilise your forefoot for control and steadiness, rather than your toes being bunched into a narrow edge. This additional space (while subtle) does allow you to have more freedom of movement, while still having solid lockdown in your midfoot and heel.

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The internal midsole also features a bit more shock-absorbing rubber than your run-of-the-mill running shoe, which helps take some of the strain off during heavily-weighted workouts or jumping exercises; and if you’re able to take away even the smallest of impact on those knees, that’s an absolute win.

While the Puma Fuse does carry a heavier weight to it (although not a ‘weighty’ shoe by any means), this added weight is for good cause. The reason is down to the all-purpose traction rubber sole, which Puma is calling Pumagrip. The stronger, more durable sole of the shoe feels far more robust and a little stiffer than something you’d find on the latest runners. The traction itself almost resembles that of a tyre tread, with the rubber having a notable grab, which bodes well for some more technical body workouts and lifting sessions.

Puma Fuse

While the base of the Fuse is all brash business (and for good reason), the upper is an incredible soft mesh construction, which is a great contrast to the more solid sole. The result is something that feels comfortable and breathable on the upper of your foot but feels firm and stable beneath it.

If you’ve already got a pair of lightweight running shoes in the cupboard, but feel they’re not quite the right fit for a serious workout session, then the Puma Fuse will serve as a great compliment to your fitness arsenal.

The Puma Fuse is now available in South Africa.

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