Thursday, December 2

Fun In The Sun This Holiday Season


Now that the Christmas lights in Cape Town have been turned on, the festive season has officially begun. It’s time for fun and the sunshine is definitely grounds for going outside and finding exhilarating things to do.

If you enjoy flying or even if you have never been in an aircraft before, this stunning scenic flight for two in a Piper PA28 departing from Virginia airport in Durban should get your pulse racing. The flight lasts about 30 minutes and will definitely give you a great view of the Durban coastline.

Visit Ludwigs Roses for a lovely Rose Garden Breakfast For Two. It is a 60 hectare rose farm, which lies in a valley just 18kms north of Pretoria. You will then be treated to special rose coffee or tea and a refill whilst you enjoy a leisurely farm breakfast. To add that special touch, each dish is garnished with fresh rose petals and on departure the lady receives a cut rose.

Ever seen people on horse-back and wondered what it is like? If you are in Cape Town on vacation make sure to enjoy a fabulous ride on horse-back along the famous Long Beach. Once you are on the beach the group will split into those who wish to canter and those who wish to remain at a walking pace.

Cape Town also has the Galileo Open Air Cinema experience this festive season. For all you movie buffs and even for those who aren’t, get that outdoor cinema feeling we used to have going to the “drive-in”!

If you are worried about accommodation or transport, you needn’t be, as there are many suitable places for you to stay all over Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng.

Now…the best part about the summer holidays are definitely our beautiful beaches. The sun is out, so get into your swimwear, grab your towel, book and sunglasses and head onto the beach for a lovely dip!

Don’t forget to let us know what you’re up to this holiday season…and post some pics too!


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