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Flying Fish Hard Seltzer Review: Another ‘Sparkling Alcholic Water’ Drink Drops in SA


The new hard seltzer category — sparkling water blended with alcohol and fruit flavouring — is growing dramatically in South Africa, and Flying Fish is the latest brand to add a hard seltzer to their alcoholic drinks range.

With ever-changing needs, the new Flying Fish Seltzer, is a flavourful and refreshing sparkling alcoholic drink and comes in two flavour options – Lemon & Lime and Raspberry — with an ABV of 5.5%, low sugar of 0.5g/100ml and low calories of 35kCals/100ml. It’s touted as a drink to enjoy with any occasion.

The Flying Fish Seltzer comes packaged in the smaller 300ml slim can, which can be enjoyed straight out of the can, with a straw or in a glass dressed with fruits.

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Hands-on with Flying Fish Hard Seltzer

There’s no denying that hard seltzers are a big trend at the moment, but it may be time to jump on the bandwagon as they don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. There’s something quite refreshing and easy-drinking about having water with a dash of booze in there. Pairing the Flying Fish seltzer with some ice in a tall glass is a really, really enjoyable experience, and while the weather is currently a bit cold to really enjoy the summer-y nature of the drink, we can only imagine how great they’ll be on a hot summer’s day.

Both flavours are fantastic, although not as pungent or strong as you’d get from a typical mixer. It’s subtle, and in the best of ways, allowing you to enjoy the taste without being overwhelmed by something too sweet. The raspberry is great, however, the lemon and lime is the clear winner, and actually holds a very natural taste in comparison to other beloved lemon ‘n lime mixes on the market.

While it’s hard to beat a draught beer or your favourite liquor and soda combo, not having to mix the hard seltzers yourself, in addition to the health benefits of drinking more water versus other beverages without, we can see ourselves having a six-pack of these at all times in the fridge.

Flying Fish Hard Seltzer is now available in South Africa at a recommended retail price of R84 for a 6-pack.

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