Saturday, December 4

Finally, Here’s the Correct Way to Pour Beer


Yeah, we know what you’re thinking: “I know how to pour beer – tilt the glass and do it slowly”. Well, no – that’s actually wrong (don’t worry, we thought that too).

The reason this isn’t the ideal way to pour a beer boils down to a flaw in that traditional pouring practice which has become the status quo. That slow, slanted pouring technique seems like a good idea in theory, but what it actually leads to is all the carbonation (which is quite a lot) that is now sitting in the beer, ending up in your stomach, and fizzing up inside of you rather than in the glass, causing bloating. Here’s an expert that can explain it to you a little better:

So – in summary, always pour into a glass, and you don’t want to be too gentle by pouring your beer in a way that doesn’t unsettle the CO2 at least moderately. Did you learn something new from this? We certainly did!

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