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Expert Tips to Help Your Kids Prepare their Festive Wish List


Holiday wish lists are far from a new concept, for most kids the biggest toy trends hit the top of their lists but the pressure every parent feels surrounding the festive season can sometimes be overwhelming. It can be difficult to navigate how much to spend on your kids’ gifts during the festive season, especially when budgets are tight. Not to mention navigating the fine line between spoiling your kids during the festive period and teaching them valuable lessons about being thankful and content with what they have.

That’s where a wish list comes in, it helps parents and kids keep a positive attitude and perspective during the biggest giving and receiving period of the year. Kids love making their Christmas wish lists, and even if they don’t get everything on their list, it’s fun to dream and keeps the mystery and magic of unwrapping presents alive.

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If you’re not sure where to start when helping your child create their festive gift wishlist here are some tips on how to make, organise and share your kids wish lists with friends and family. This will ensure you get them something they really want, and at the same time give them some guidelines and provide a good learning opportunity.

Setting guidelines:

Children need guidance from their parents to manage expectations and provide a good learning opportunity when creating their wish lists. If you are particularly worried about a wish list promoting greed, then an important thing to highlight to your child is that,  just because you list it doesn’t mean you’re going to get it.

Be sure to let them know that if they get it, great, but if they don’t then there’s always the option of creating a savings plan to buy it themselves at a later time.

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Starting early:

Don’t wait until December to get your kids to do their wish lists. Every year toy retailers release their top toy list with an expertly curated selection of toys for all kids, Knowing what your kids have their hearts set on will also help you save and plan for the festive shopping period.

A parents veto:

Once the list is complete, remind your child that mom or dad have the last say of the final list, sometimes you just have to say no if a gift is not appropriate or too lavish. Explain to your kids why they need to accept your decision, and then help them select a different gift. Give them some alternative options, brainstorm with them and discuss the pros and cons.

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Needs vs. Wants:

This is an especially valuable conversation to have with your child, and the festive season provides a great opportunity to explore this topic. Explain to your child the difference between a need and a want, and show them options of gifts that demonstrate both. Why not have them write down something they need and something they want this festive season. Other categories to help them create their wish list can include something they can read, can wear and can give.

Putting the list together:

This should be the fun part. Get some coloured paper, decorations, crayons, pens etc and get creative with your child. Encourage them to draw up a list and decorate it with beautiful colours and drawings. Toys R Us also offers kids and parents an easy way to create a digital wishlist that can easily be shared with friends and family.

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Giving back:

The festive season is also a great opportunity to teach your child that the season isn’t all about receiving, it’s also about giving as well. Find a worthy cause to get your children involved, and help them give back to their community by donating toys they’ve outgrown to children in need.

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