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Essential Tips for Wearing a Face Mask During the Coronavirus Outbreak


With the lockdown extension in South Africa as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, everyone is urged to ensure that they follow the recommended protocols with regards to safety and preventing the spread and contraction of the disease. Face-masks play a big role in this prevention, protecting the wearer and those around you. With so much misinformation out there, here are some important tips for buying and a face-mask during this time:

Which mask should I buy?

There are a variety of masks available for the South African public, including cloth masks, plastic masks, and screen-visors, however, it’s recommended that you purchase cloth-masks to use when out of your home.

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Safest way to put on and war your mask

  • Using the strings or elastic-ties, place the mask on your face. Avoid touching your face in the process.
  • If your mask has hooped elastics, hook those onto your ears. If your mask has ties or two elastic-ties, make sure one goes around the back of your head around your crown, with the second one going just below your ear-lobes.
  • Make sure it covers your nose and to the bottom of your chin.
  • To remove your mask, use the ties to safely lift the mask’s strings or elastics away from your crown and ears, and remove the mask without touching your face, as the mask itself could be contaminated.

Check out the video below for more information:

Remember to clean your mask

After you safely remove your mask while avoiding touching your face, you should use a food-grade alcohol sanitiser to spray and clean your mask for any bacteria, then leave to dry for the next use.

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