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Clckr Universal Phone Grip & Stand Review


Do you have butterfingers? Are you constantly dropping your smartphone and worrying about the imminent doom of cracking your screen. It’s probably time to get a handle on your phone. Investing in a good smartphone handle is the gift that keeps on giving, because smartphone screen repairs are expensive, and a steady grip is the key to great selfies.

The smartphone accessories market offers many solutions designed to attach to, support and hold your smartphone in place but Clckr’s universal phone grip and stand is one of my favourites yet. Clckr is an easy-to-install smartphone band that can help you get a grip on your phone, helping to prevent accidental drops while also making it easier to watch media content and make video calls on the go.

The attachable smartphone band allows you to put a handle on the back of your smartphone, allowing you to easily hold your phone when performing tasks such as taking selfies, making video calls, or just scrolling through your Instagram feed. Simply slip your hand through the grip on the back of your phone and enjoy the peace of mind of having a strong grip on your phone.

Clckr universal phone grip and stand

While Clckr offers users exceptional in-hand grip, this little accessory can do so much more than that. The phone grip also doubles as a sturdy portrait and landscape kickstand, giving you two phone accessories in one compact package. While many of the smartphone stands struggle to hack it in vertical mode, Clckr is one of the few that actually makes for a darn good vertical kickstand.

It is also super easy to install. The back of the stand is coated with a high-strength adhesive. To use, simply stick it to your device or phone case. It is advisable that you install the Clckr at the bottom centre of your handset, as this will provide the best configuration to use it as a grip and a stand.

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Once installed, a gentle tug on the top of the Clckr grip will pop it out with a satisfying click. In this mode, it is ready to use as a hand strap for holding your phone as you walk around. The strap doesn’t bow up or flop around when not in use; it snaps back into place to stay flat and out of the way. To activate kickstand mode, simply click the top of the strap into place to convert it from flat to kickstand mode. The kickstand securely locks into place when you want to use it in portrait or landscape mode, giving you peace of mind it will stay in place without falling over.

Available in a wide selection of materials, finishes and colours, you can customise your look with Clckr and have it match your style. Plus, if you happen to get a new smartphone, you’ll be thrilled to know that you are able to remove and reposition the Clckr with little effort. From the looks of the quality of the adhesive, you should be able to remove and place it on a different phone several times before the adhesive gets too weak to stick on well. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue when you remove it, which is another win.

Clckr universal phone grip and stand

If you’re looking for an alternative option to the likes of the ever-popular PopSocket, then this may well be it for you. Clckr offers a lower profile than a PopSocket, so it doesn’t get snagged on the edge of your pocket and feels less bulky. Users may find they get a more secure grip with Clckr than with a PopSocket as you’re wrapping 3 or 4 fingers around your device instead of gripping between 2 fingers.

Clckr makes watching videos a breeze, especially in the kitchen when you want to cook along with your favourite YouTube chefs. We tested the Clckr universal accessory on a Huawei P20 Pro, and it fit perfectly. You may struggle with placing it on smaller phones, where the relatively large accessory may dominate the back of the phone but if you have a larger phone it will work a charm. If you have a newer generation iPhone, Clckr also offers smartphone cases with a built-in Clckr stand.

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