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Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Sports Training & Recovery Products


Having to choose which topical analgesic and joint support products to use before, during and after training, can often be more exhausting than the training itself. With so many products on the market, it’s exhausting trying to figure out what is best for your needs. Do you need heating or cooling products? Do you need joint support, relief from inflammation or to eliminate lactic acid build up? And what order do you use them in? Luckily, you don’t have to be in the dark too much longer as we’ve put together a handy buyer’s guide to choosing the best sports recovery products for your needs.

Use the right tools to start

“Before you start your exercising it always helps to use a product that can help you to effectively warm your muscles up, explains Daliah Hurwitz, official massage therapist for the USA Eagles Rugby team. “This will help to stimulate nerve receptors and strengthen the muscles before exercise begins. “If you have any muscular or joint issues, you can also use a joint spray or rub before starting to help promote joint and cartilage health.”

Wintergreen Magnesium Lotion

The power of magnesium

“If there is one product I tell everyone to use either before or during, and especially after training, it’s Magnesium. Magnesium is crucial for over 300 chemical reactions in the body! Besides promoting energy production and bone and muscle health, it also aids in mental clarity,” says Daliah.

It has been found that transdermal absorption of magnesium is far more effective than taking a magnesium supplement as it is able to bypass the digestion system and be fully absorbed into the body through the skin. If possible, apply a Magnesium spray or gel to your body before and during exercise. This will help you through the training, and aid recovery afterwards. When you get home, if you are able to either soak in a magnesium bath or once again apply more cream or gel this will help tremendously in your recovery process.

“There are additional products you can use for your training requirements, but these will be able to give you a good start to helping your body be at its best,” says Daliah.

Training and Recovery for the beginner

Wintergreen starter bundle

If you’re new to using topical training and recovery products you can put together a basic kit to get you started. The best is to put together a kit with a muscle warm-up rub to effectively warm up muscles before exercise, a Magnesium spray to treat tired muscles during training and prevent cramping, a joint support spray to promote joint health and temporarily relieve pain associated with inflammation, and finally a Magnesium Soak for after training to help alleviate or prevent cramping and eliminate lactic acid build-up that causes muscle stiffness.

Try the Wintergreen Muscle Warm-up, Wintergreen Magnesium spray, Wintergreen Joint Support spray, and Wintergreen Magnesium Soak for an affordable solution to your training needs. You can keep these products in your gym bag and bathroom at home, so you have them on-hand when you need them.

Wintegreen ice spray

Recovery is key for any athlete

Recovery is the single most important part of any training or exercise program as it allows for improved performance, permits time for the body to heal itself in preparation for the next training load, and decreases the risk of potential injury. If you’re serious about your training or exercise then make sure you invest in the right products to best aid your recovery in-between training sessions.

Taking regular magnesium soak baths will help to reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle stiffness) allowing for faster recovery while using a menthol hot gel muscle massage product can help to alleviate inflammation and pain in muscles, joints and ligaments for an extended period of time allowing for easier movement. If your muscles are on fire after a tough workout, then a joint spray will help to provide an immediate cooling, analgesic effect and helps to slow down the degeneration of joint cartilage, increase mobility and speed up recovery time.

sprained ankle

Tackle minor injuries right away

To avoid serious injuries, it’s important to treat small injuries when they arise. Using an ice spray during or after your workout helps to provide instant, cold pain relief for strains, sprains and bruises. A product like Wintergreen Ice Spray is ideal for treating injuries in a flash. After your training session try to use something like Wintergreen Menthol Hot Gel. This product uses the benefits of heat and cold therapy to provide pain relief for strains, sprains and inflammation, helping to prevent serious injuries in the long run.

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