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Add More Colour to Your Life with New Ray-Ban Chromance Lenses


Add a little colour to your life with Ray-Ban’s exclusive new limited-edition sunglasses range, sporting chromance lenses. According to Ray-Ban, the Chromance lenses are the most advanced Ray-Ban sun lens ever designed. Combining the benefits of polarised filtering with a striking colour enhancement, The lenses amplify colour, boost contrast and maximise clarity, making everyday shades extraordinary.

To celebrate the power of colour, Ray-Ban has partnered with digital artist Rik Oostenbroek for a tailor-made campaign that reflects a Ray-Ban chromance-inspired world. Oostenbroek recreated the idea of the world as seen through chromance lenses – a world exploding with colour. Alluding to the callout of this collaboration ‘More colour, More life’ which highlights how colours can sway our emotions, how we perceive our environment and even how we live.

Ray-ban chromance

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A self-taught Dutch freelance artist, designer and art director, Rik is based in Hilversum. On top of his passion for Traditional Art, Photography and Typography for over 12 years, Rik has also worked on some of the biggest brands around the globe. His work has been used in advertising the world over: from Hong Kong to New York, London to Paris, Amsterdam to Milan.

Rik has no shortage of imagination, and he is always exploring new forms of expression, new challenges and new ways to expand his horizons. He used a mix of real photography with abstract elements for this campaign – making him the perfect partner for this colourful Ray-Ban chromance collaboration.

Ray-Ban Bill

The two new exclusive Ray-Ban sunglasses products are:

New Aviator RB3625 004/G6

Gunmetal /chromance bi-gradient blue mirror is a reinvention, and an elevation of the legendary RB3025 first eyewear from Ray-Ban in 1937. The New Aviator presents premium engravings on the metal bridge, frame and temple. The engraving pattern recalls the unmistakable oval rivets of the iconic Wayfarer.

Bill RB2198 1341/G6

This best-seller is a bi-layered blue and transparent/ chromance bi-gradient blue mirror. After its initial launch in 1985, Bill once again resurfaced in 2021. It is now a bold revision of the famous Aviator; this acetate pilot takes style to new heights.

You can now easily get your hands on these limited-edition Ray-Ban sunglasses styles by shopping for them online.


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