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5 Ways to Stay Motivated While Working Remotely


Working remotely has its benefits and can add a ton of flexibility to any demanding workday. That’s not to say it doesn’t come with its fair share of challenges. Between the temptation to spend the entire day in your pyjamas and working from bed, staying productive at home isn’t an easy task for everyone. We’ve all had moments where we’ve struggled to stay productive but also moments where we’ve struggled to strike a balance between work and home life. Since most of us have ditched our daily commutes and office space to work from a couch or even a dining room table, knowing when to switch off and call it a day can also be difficult and many of us are working more hours than before.

So, how can professionals find ways to stay mentally and physically motivated working from home during this period, and perhaps even adopt a mindset that will help them power through this new way of working for the long haul? Here are 5 tips to help you do just that.

Remind yourself why you’ve chosen your field of work

While things may look a little bleak at times, especially when dreaded cabin fever begins to set, it’s important to remind yourself why you’ve chosen your field of work. Remembering why your work is important is vital, for both mental and physical well-being. When working from home and being cooped up indoors away from your work colleagues starts to become overwhelming, take a second to recognise everything that you have accomplished over the past week, or month. Looking back on your achievements can help provide that much-needed boost to keep going.

Check on others

work from home

This period is challenging for everyone, so remember to also take the time to check on fellow team members. Regular check-ins with the team to see if everyone is coping are so important. If anyone in your team is struggling, offering a helping hand can be a game-changer for someone. Similarly, make sure you take the time to check in with your team and share your challenges and victories with them. The key here is communication – lots of it!

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Sticking to a routine

You’ve surely heard this one before, but it’s an important step. Sometimes all that’s needed to feel grounded and beat a sense of uncertainty is a basic routine. Think about using the same tools from the office such as shared calendars or introducing informal virtual group chat sessions to simulate office ‘water cooler’ chats.

Be positive


While it may be difficult to reproduce the same energy produced during strategy meetings in boardrooms, it’s important to stick to continue to have these meetings and chats to keep a sense of community amongst team members. Focus on the positives and highlight the benefits of working from home. For example, avoiding traffic every morning, frees up more time in the day and thereby adds to productivity or, for some, avoiding the morning rush helps to reduce stress levels before work starts. It’s important to accept that things are different and start viewing the comfort of homely surroundings as an aid in the creation of a different kind of energy that can inspire the creative process in an entirely new way.

Praise your co-workers

Don’t forget to praise your team members on a job well done. Recognising a team member’s successes and victories is important in helping team members stay motivated during this time. The success of the team is dependent on the contribution of valuable team members and just because everyone is working remotely, doesn’t mean individuals don’t need praise.

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