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5 Tips to Make Your Exercise Gear Last Longer


Most good-quality exercise clothing is made from high-performance fabrics with unique properties. These special fabrics are designed to do everything under the sun, from offering sun protection to stopping the spread of bad odours and even keeping skin dry. Of course, this top-notch technology doesn’t come cheap, with many of us forking out big bucks for fitness gear that promises to deliver.

If you’ve spent a small fortune on your exercise clothing then you no doubt want to ensure you care for the fabric correctly to ensure it lasts as long as possible. To help you get the most out of your exercise gear, here are a few tips and tricks to help your activewear last longer:

1. Buy good-quality gear

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The best way to ensure your activewear lasts longer is to invest in good-quality gear. Instead of buying the same sub-par quality over and over, rather invest in quality and learn to take care of it. Learn about the different kinds of fabric and take advantage of their unique qualities. Merino wool garments, for example, are a great choice for sporting adventures and are relatively easy to take care.

Monica Ebert of Core Merino explains that when you buy Merino wool garments for sporting adventures, you are actually encouraged to wash them less. “Merino wool lasts longer if you take advantage of its odour-resistant and microbial qualities and wash only after the second or third use – it’s a mind shift that is easy to make in times of water and power shortages.”

The key is in taking advantage of wool’s natural odour-resistance, stain-resistance and ability to bounce back to its original shape allowing you to wear your garments more and wash them less.

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2. Unpack your gym bag

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Don’t leave your gym gear in your bag, take it out to air or if it’s time, put it in the wash right away. Regularly unpacking your gym clothes from your bag and airing it out is the best way to make it last longer. Dirty clothes and wet towels won’t only make the bag smell foul, they can also leave damp marks on the fabric of the bag and clothing, eventually helping the development of mould.

3. Wash your gear in cold water

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While you may think you need pipping-hot water to kill bacteria, it’s actually best to wash activewear in cold water. This will help to prevent fading and to preserve the shape of your clothes. Also, remember to wash your gear inside out. The inside is usually dirtier, and this method also protects the more technical side of the garment. Try not to use fabric softener when washing activewear as this tends to coat the fibres which reduces the fabric’s ability to absorb the moisture.

4. Don’t use a tumble dryer


When drying your activewear garments opt to let them air dry and avoid using the tumble dryer. Drying your gym clothes in the tumble dryer will cause the garments to lose their shape and also reduces the quality of the garment. This can also cause a garment to shrink.

5. Fold with care

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To keep your gym clothes in good condition, avoid hanging your active gear and rather fold and stack the items. Some fabrics are stretchy so hanging them can cause them to stretch out.

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