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5 Must-Haves for Your Winter Sports Bag


Winter is coming, and with sports and gym-visits back on the cards, it’s time to ensure you’re gym bag is packed with all the essentials. We’ve got exactly what you need to make your next fitness session a comfortable one, despite the chilly weather. Here are 5 must-haves for your gym bag this winter.

Compression tights

Compression tights

You may think they’re only for the pros, but investing in a pair of compression leggings is a great idea for winter. Especially if you play an outdoor sport or love to run on the road. Not only do full-length tights provide warmth for your muscles, but they also offer some compression for your legs, taking off some impact on your thighs and calves when running, as well as promoting blood flow. Look for an option made from a sweat-wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the skin, keeping you drier and ensuring your body temperature is stabilised in both hot and cold weather.

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Anti-Odour shoe spray

rugby boots sports bag

With winter comes condensation and wetness, so keeping your trainers and rugby or soccer boots (or any workout gear) dry and bacteria-free is important. Search for an odour-eliminating shoe spray with natural bacteria busting ingredients like tea-tree oil. A shoe spray will ensure that your footwear smells fresh and clean before and after every use. A few quick sprays after your workouts will make a huge difference.

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Mini-foam roller

One of the biggest mistakes made when training for any sport is the lack of stretching and after-sport muscle care. It’s important to complete any workout or training session without a cooldown or stretching period. Stretching and cooling down can help your muscles recover faster for the next workout.

Using a foam roller helps apply direct pressure to muscles and tissues while you’re stretching. This gets to the deep muscles and tissues, works out the knots and helps your muscles recover faster. Invest in a small foam roller that you can fit into your sports bag for relieving muscle tension on-the-go.

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Magnesium spray or lotion

Wintergreen Magnesium Lotion

Prone to muscle cramps? Invest in a magnesium lotion or gel. The benefits of a good magnesium lotion or gel are multifaceted. A lotion or gel with a generous amount of magnesium will go deeper into the muscles, helping to reduce muscle fatigue, inflammation and pain, while also replenishing and preventing cramping caused when too much magnesium is lost during excessive sweating whilst exercising.

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A good sports bag

gym bag

Of course, you need a good sports bag to carry all your winter essentials. You tend to carry more stuff to gym or your sports matches in winter than in summer, so using the same tightly-crammed backpack isn’t going to work. You need something a bit more robust with a few extra zips and pockets. Opt for a great backpack or tog bag that is a compact size to throw over your shoulder or into the car, but large enough and featuring enough storage to carry everything you need.

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