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5 Habits to Help You Reach Your Health Goals


The festive season and the craziness of 2020 have left many of us with a bit of an over-indulgence hangover. Whether you veered off track by stuffing your face with chocolate or swapped a few too many workouts for lazy afternoon braais with family, there’s never been as good a time to get back on the path to a healthier you. Need some help? Here are just 5 healthy habits to help you reach your health goals.

Don’t cry over spilt milk

Forget beating yourself up over how many chocolate Santas you shoved down your pie hole. That was then, this is now. Start off the year with a fresh start and a new vision of a more balanced daily routine for the rest of the year.

Start your morning with movement

As tempting as it is to stay at home, on the couch, it’s important to get moving. Exercise helps to activate that much-needed feel-good chemical, serotonin, which not only regulates your mood, but makes you feel happier and as a result, helps you make healthier choices. Not sure where to start? Try these 3 Free YouTube Workouts You Can do at Home.

Bring on a healthy breakfast


If there’s just one thing you do this month try getting into the habit of eating a healthy breakfast. If you can’t stomach a full breakfast, a smoothie should do the trick — throw in some greens, freshly squeezed juice, and a dash of protein to keep you moving throughout the day. Getting started is as easy as investing in a blender and a convenient to-go cup to enjoy your smoothies on the road to work every morning.

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Try Something New

After a long week at work, it’s easy to make excuses not to exercise or socialise. The key is finding something you love to do — instead of dragging yourself to the treadmill, try some new exercises classes or even a fun new hobby each week to spice things up. Picking up a new hobby is a great way to keep your mood up and stay motivated during the colder months and exploring new ways to stay fit is the ideal way to avoid boredom and the urge to stay home on the couch!

Get plenty of sleep


The key to getting your body back on track is a good night’s rest. Try to set a bedtime routine that doesn’t involve Netflix or scrolling social media just before you hit the hay. The blue light emitted by your TV and smartphone suppresses melatonin, causing you to stay awake longer. If you simply must read before bed invest in a few good old-fashioned books or an e-reader without a backlit screen to help you nod off to sleep in a calming and relaxing way.

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