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5 Essential Items for Outdoor Adventures in SA


If you love spending time outdoors, you’ll no doubt know that having the right gear is important to staying safe and making the most of your adventures. But, with so much outdoor gear on offer, it can be difficult to narrow down which outdoor accessories and essentials you need. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or are new to outdoor activities, this list of essentials items for outdoor adventures will help you get a start on putting together your own kit for your adventures with friends and family.

Whether you are a hiker, a backpacker, into camping, or hunting or fishing trips, the gear we’ve chosen to highlight are items that will not only enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors, they can also save your life under certain conditions. Here are our picks for the essential items that every outdoor enthusiast should have:

A good multi-tool


A multi-tool can come in handy when you’re in a bind, and can even save your life in an emergency situation. You never know what will go wrong and having a quality multi-tool that comes with scissors, knives, a screwdriver, pliers, etc can serve as a valuable resource for fixing gear on the go and getting yourself out of a sticky situation.

In addition to packing a multi-tool for your outdoor adventures, don’t forget to also pack a basic repair kit, including duct tape, a few light cable ties, and a small portable trowel or shovel.

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A headlamp and illumination gear


Any time you’re out in the bush or mountains you should have a source of light. At a minimum, you should carry a headlamp, and preferably a flashlight with an extra set of batteries. LED type light bulbs help to extend the life of a battery so are a great choice for outdoor adventurers.

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A comprehensive first-aid kit

Lifeline Deluxe Hard-Shell Foam First Aid Kit

When you’re outdoors, accidents can happen any time and anywhere. One of the most important parts of your outdoor emergency-ready kit should be a first-aid kit. Whether you’re heading out on a short hike or are spending time outdoors overnight, you should always carry a first aid kit with you.

If you’re a hiker, you’ll no doubt want to keep your pack light but make sure that the basic first-aid essentials are in your pack, so you’re prepared for the most common injuries. Your kit should include disinfectant to treat scrapes and cuts, basic bandages, an ace bandage in case of a sprain, and bug repellent to keep flying pests such as mosquitoes at bay.

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Sun protection

hiking hats

Sun protection is essential when spending time outdoors. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can be dangerous and can lead to sunburn and heat exhaustion. When you’re spending time outdoors, make sure you pack the right sun protection gear. This includes a pair of good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes, sunscreen for your skin and lips and a hat to cover your head. You can also choose appropriate sun protection clothing to add an extra layer of protection over the skin.

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Hydration gear

hiking water

Last, but not least, it’s important to pack sufficient hydration gear for any outdoor adventure. Staying hydrated is essential when you’re spending time outdoors. When embarking on an outdoor adventure make sure that each person in your group has at least 2 litres of water per day.

There are different types of water containers made for hikers, including expandable bladders that can be filled and shrink down as you drink the water to reduce the weight burden you’re carrying. If you’re unsure of the quality of water sources on your journey, you can also buy water purifying powders and tablets to help ensure you can take advantage of outdoor water sources and avoid becoming ill from drinking contaminated stream water.

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