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5 Crucial Tips For Buying a Used Car in SA


For many, buying a new car is not a reality. The next best option is to invest in a secondhand vehicle which usually comes with the wonderful risk of catching a ride in a royal rumble of junk. So, if you’re not a car expert or a professional mechanic, here are a few crucial tips for when you decide to buy a used car.

Stick To Your Budget

This one is obvious but it’s easy for car salesmen to persuade you to buy a car you can’t afford. And in a sudden moment of haste and excitement, your budget is screwed. Go in with a clear understanding of what you are willing to spend. Besides this, when drawing up your budget, consider factors such as car insurance which is vital when it comes to buying a used car.

Do Your Research

The internet has made shopping for a used car a much easier undertaking – so, make use of it. Visit as many online and physical dealerships to find the best price for the car you want. Make notes of all the prices and use these as negotiation terms for you. Shopping online also allows you to check areas further than your local comfort zone and expands your chances of landing better deals.

Check The Car History

Knowledge is power when it comes to getting your money’s worth. Understanding what the car has previously been through, in terms of accidents and services, will give you a broader view on how well the car was taken care of and if you should expect any major problems in the future. Most car owners should have taken their car for a service during ownership, so get these records and take some time to look at it.

Also, if you are buying from car dealership, these types of records may not be available, then

Opt For Common Cars

As much as you want that luxury Renault or the speed Mustang when it comes down to it, chances are it’s not affordable in the long run when it’s service time. Parts are more than double the price if you compare a Toyota to a Renault. Also, most sporty or racing cars were driven hard which means more long-term issues. In the case that you are really set on a buying non-mainstream secondhand car, it’s best to take a specialist with you or be prepared to cough up the cash.

Check and Test Drive

Unfortunately, starting up the car and driving into the sunset is NOT considered a test drive. There is a huge checklist you need to cover in order for you to get a clear understanding of what you are buying. Here are some helpful videos.



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