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5 Boredom-Busting Indoor Toys to Keep Kids From Going Stir-Crazy this Winter


Parents will know the feeling of winter sneaking up on you. One day the kids are keeping busy playing outside, the next, your house is filled with tiny humans complaining about being bored. Being cooped up inside because it’s too cold to go out and play can make any child want to start climbing the walls out of boredom. While you may be tempted to hand them an iPad in hopes that they entertain themselves, traditional toys are still a great way to keep kids entertained and learning at the same time. We’ve rounded up 5 of our favourite indoor toys to help keep the boredom at bay this winter. And the best bit? PriceCheck is having a massive toy sale, so they’re all available at reduced prices! Click here to check out the PriceCheck toy sale now!

Singing Machine Mic Guy Bluetooth Sing-Along Speak System

Singing Machine Mic Guy Bluetooth Sing-Along Speak System

Turn your home into an American Idol stage with this adorable Mic Guy Bluetooth Sing-Along Speaker. Music helps children improve overall confidence, linguistic processing, and promotes brain and body wellness and this interactive toy is the perfect way to bring the joy of music into your home.

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Zoomer Zuppy Love


If you’re kids have been bugging you for a pet, this robot version may be just the thing to keep the pleas at bay (for now). This tea cup pup is a great way to teach kids about the responsibility of owning a real live pet, as the more you nurture and play with your Zoomer Zuppy, the happier she’ll be and the more she’ll share with you.

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Schleich Large Dinosaur Set

Dinosaur set

If your child loves dinosaurs, this set will be the ultimate winter boredom buster! These hand-painted Schleich dinosaur figures feature incredible detail and allow children to learn as they play. These aren’t your average dino toys are for the avid fan looking for something extra-ordinary.

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Monopoly – Fast and Furious

Monopoly - Fast and Furious

This high octane edition of the classic Monopoly game is a must-have for young petrol heads. This game is packed full of thrills, high-stakes action and supercharged races and allows players to pick from a diverse selection of custom car tokens from the original movie, including the classic 1970 Dodge Charger!

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Mindware Keva Maple 50 Pieces

Mindware Keva Maple 50 Piece

Little builders will adore this 3D puzzle-like toy. No glue or connectors required, simply stack wood planks to create buildings, monuments and geometric forms. The Mindware Keva sets offer the ideal way to help kids have fun while also gaining an understanding of balance and proportion, as well as an interest in architecture, building and design.

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