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4 essential South African made apps


We all download apps, and most of those apps are made by huge international corporations, but did you know that there are tons of great apps made by local developers?

Here are 4 of our favourites:


Have you ever tried to find parking in the Cape Town CBD?

Finding a needle in a haystack is easier.

Parkfind aims to help solve that problem.

The app uses your phone’s real-time location, as well as real-time information provided by parking marshalls, to help you find a parking spot in the CBD.

It works on a colour coded system: Red – means that little to no chance of finding parking, orange means that you have a medium chance of finding parking and green means that you have a good chance of finding parking.

One of the great things about Parkfind is that you can also pay for your parking by using the app, but a downside is that it can only be used in the Cape Town CBD, for now, between 8:00-17:00 on weekdays and 8:00 -13:00 on Saturdays. Parkfind is not available after 17:00, Sundays and Public holidays.

Available on iOS and Android


If wanderlust is your middle name, then Flapp is the app for you.

The flagship app from Travelstart, Flapp lets you book flights and car rental anywhere in the world.

Originally servicing just domestic travel, Flapp now lets you book travel to and from anywhere in the world on airlines such as Swiss Air, Air France, British Airways and more.

Available for free on both Android and iOS


Over began as an app for adding text to, and editing, pictures.

Currently only available on the Apple App Store (sorry Android users), the app is useful for more than just putting text on pictures. Thanks to updates, you can design a greeting card, visualise an idea, create a graphic, caption a photo, and tons more. The app also has in-app purchases which bring all kinds of add-ons and font packs for even more customisation.


Whether you’re in a foreign city or even just walking through a different area in your home city, there are tons of stories about that city and area that you don’t know about.

Instead of just going on a sanitised, regular tour which gives you the facts and information you could find online, use VoiceMap.

All you do is download the app to your phone and then you’ll get access to suggested walking routes and location-aware stories and perspectives of local people, novelists or tour guides playing in your ears.

Available on Android and iOS



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