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3 Ways to Use Google Translate when Travelling Overseas


Travelling is stressful enough without having to deal with a language barrier. And, since most of us can’t afford to hire a translator to travel around with us, we have to rely on technology to lend a helping hand. Android and iOS users travelling to foreign lands can easily use the Google Translate app to translate an unfamiliar language into their mother tongue in seconds but there’s more to the app than meets the eye. Here are just 3 genius ways Google Translate can help you break down language barriers when travelling overseas.

1. Scan and translate foreign text using your camera

Can’t read the language in a foreign country? No sweat! You can use your camera and the Google Translate app to translate a sign or menu in a foreign language. You can either use your phone’s camera to translate the text with a live overlay on your screen or translate text in photos from your gallery.

2. Translate spoken language

Want to chat to a local but don’t speak the language? Use Google Translate to help bring you and a friendly strangers together! The app can translate spoken conversations for more than 30 languages. Simply speak into your phone for instant translations – so handy if you’re looking for directions or the closest loo!

3. Use offline translation

You might not have access to WiFi or mobile connectivity while you’re travelling but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the Google Translate app. Before you leave a WiFI area simply download a language to your smartphone with the app so you can access translations even without an internet connection with your camera scanner or by typing.

The Google Translate app is a must-have if you’re planning a getaway – download it here for Android or here for iOS.

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