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3 Hottest Games of July 2022


There may not be any massive franchise sequels on the cards for release in July, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some interesting games to be found. There are a wealth of interesting, long-in-development releases that are finally seeing the light of day this month. We’ve rounded up the most-anticipated games of July that we can’t wait to get our hands on. Whether you’re searching for PC games, or are a console gamer and are in the market for new Playstation games, or Xbox games, this list will have something for you.

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F1 22

Release date: 1 July 2022 (Xbox Series X/S | Xbox One | PS4 | PS5 | PC)

F1 fans will be getting their annual dose of Codemasters’ brilliant series this July, as F1 22 launches with some new features and gameplay tweaks. The game features new car models with updated physics, along with improved adaptive AI to adjust according to your performance to keep races interesting. To match the track configurations on the calendar, the game updated their layouts, including Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Yas Marina Circuit and Albert Park Circuit, as well as adding the Miami International Autodrome for the calendar newcomer, the Miami Grand Prix.

Matchpoint – Tennis Championships

Release date: 7 July 2022 (Xbox Series X/S | Xbox One | PS4 | PS5 | Switch | PC)

Tennis fans will be glad to know that Australian developer Torus Games’ Matchpoint is arriving this July. The game prides itself on being a simulation rather than an arcade recreation of tennis, and an extensive career mode and a unique rivalry system to keep players on their toes.

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Release date: 19 July 2022 (PS4 | PS5 | PC)

This third-person adventure game focuses on atmosphere, exploration, and art. You control a stray cat searching for its family in a world populated by robots. There’s some light puzzle-solving and platforming, along with some evasive combat encounters. Thankfully, you’re accompanied by a drone companion named B12, who can assist by translating the language of the robots and storing items found throughout the world.

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