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15 Super Cool Gifts For The Beach-Lover In Your Life


Can you smell the ocean? Yes, lazy days on the beach are long overdue as the year comes to a close.  And if some of your closest friends or relatives are what you describe as ultimate beach bums, then these gifts will make all their salty dreams come true.

Here Are Super Cool Gifts For The Beach Lover In Your LIfe

1. Sand-Free Beach Mats

….Don’t let the sand get the best of you.

Image result for sand free beach mat

2. Underwater Camera

…Capture every moment.

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3. Waterproof Playing Cards

…Keep the fun alive.

Image result for waterproof playing cards

4. Water Proof and Solar Power Bank

… Always stay connected.

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5. Waterproof Cellphone Case

…Because prevention is better than cure.

Image result for waterproof cellphone cases

6. Portable and Quick Inflatable Beach Lounger

…Get comfortable and soak up the sun.

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7. Umbrella Hanging Hooks

…For the neat freak in you.

Image result for pole-r bear umbrella hook for towels / camera / bags

8. Waterproof Speaker

… Stay in the groove of things.

9. Surfboards and Surfing Accessories

…When you’re tired of catching Pokemon – catch some waves.

10. Funky Beach Floats

…When you just need to drift away.

Image result for beach floats

11. Pop Up Beach Tent

… Keep things cool.

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12. Umbrella Table

…Keep it all in one place

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13. Bespoke Sun Hats

..Because sunburn is not the best look.

Image result for sun hats at the beach

14. Cooler Box

… Because melted ice is just water.

Image result for cooler box on beach

15. Handy Flip Flops

… Because your feet are precious and hot sand burns like hell.

Image result for flip flops on the beach



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