Saturday, October 16

A Selection Of Playstation 4 Games For Less Than R400


With the Playstation 4 having been out for some time now, the games can still by quite expensive. Here’s a list of some games currently selling for less than R4000.

To view the individual game, please click on the link in the game’s title.

N.E.R.O – Nothing Remains Obscure

Genre: First-person action shooter.

Price: R334-00


Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

Genre: Soccer Simulator 

Price: R283-00

Singstar Ultimate Party

Genre: Karaoke Party Game 

Price: R283-00


Killzone Shadowfall

Genre: First-Person Shooter

Price: R336-00


Final Fantasy: Type Zero

Genre: Japanese RPG

Price: R345-00


Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Genre: Action Platformer 

Price: R345-00


Tales From The Borderlands

Genre: Open World First-Person Shooter

Price: R319-00



Genre: Open-World Adventure

Price: R326-00





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