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This Ingenious Knot-A-Hitch is a Must-Have for Every Dog-Owner


While dogs are a joy to own and love, there’s no denying that they can be tricky to keep your pooch in a specific area, especially without you feeling like a heartless monster in the process. Hooking the leash around a tree or bench while you enjoy your time-off isn’t fair, as giving dogs the space to move while ensuring their safety is what’s really needed.

Thankfully, Ruffwear, a pet-accessory specialist, has designed a clever workaround for that conundrum. The Knot-a-Hitch is a suspended leash that is ideal for those who travel with or are active alongside their four-legged friends, giving your dog a ‘playing area’ or sorts, while still being slightly restricted for the animal’s safety and security.

It works relatively simply: you create a rope line between two planted objects (most likely trees) and you attach a lead to that line that attaches to a dog’s collar, which gives it the increased range to walk around in. Here’s a video that illustrates how it works:

So the next time you’re going camping, taking your pup to that field for a walk and relax, or just want to give a little more freedom, consider the Knot-a-Hitch your go-to solution.

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