Last week saw the unveiling of Google’s new chromebook notebook and it looks very familiar. It is clear that in this day and age, the big Internet companies (Google, Apple, Microsoft etc) are all trying to get closer to their customers via devices.

Apple is the furthest down the road in terms of making hardware that is used by millions of people around the world. Tablets, cellphones, notebooks and desktop computers are in Apple’s stable. Microsoft has only recently taken the chance to create hardware without any assistance from their partners (hello HP, LG, Samsung and Asus). The Surface tablet is the first of many devices that Microsoft will put in the ring against their competitors.

Google has also recently added devices into their arsenal. Initially it was the Nexus phone that has become a strong line of devices that has a cult following by Android users across the globe. There is one group of products that has become wildly popular and that is the Chromebook. The latest Chromebook, dubbed the Pixel, has similarities to 2 notebooks made my Apple. It looks like a mutation of a Macbook Pro (when viewed from the front) and Macbook Air (when viewed from the side). Was that done on purpose? Readers, I leave that for you to decide…

Are we steadily going into a period in which the really big Internet businesses slowly start entering industries (hardware, TV etc) that have been dominated by partners? I tend to think so and it is going to be fascinating to watch it unfold.

Google just needs to allow South Africans to be able to order the Chromebook Pixel and then they will have more customers. The Google Chromebook Pixel is unavailable in South Africa at the moment and Google has given no indication if we are to get the product in the coming months.

Please Google, make it possible for us to be able to order the Pixel and Nexus cellphones.