The late Steve Jobs had issues with Flash. It was a poor browsing experience and caused stress to users who viewed web content via Flash enabled websites. It became an issue that lead to Apple disabling Flash on iPads and iPhones. Whether it was due to the software being administered by Adobe who would potentially want a revenue share, we will never know.

The last few days Apple has been trying to resolve a Java exploit that has been causing hacking of Macbooks etc. Malware has been given the blame for corporate Apple computers being compromised. For those not sure, malware is software that is written by individuals who want to be able to extract personal information from another users computer or device. It is a dark part of software creation that has spawned credit card fraud, identity theft and a whole lot of less than desired outcomes.

Java is seen as the bad guy in the room at Apple, especially since something similar happened in 2012. I think generally the biggest problem is that users do not consistently update their software on their Apple Mac desktops, Mac laptops and PC’s.  Is this the beginning of the end of Java on Mac OS X devices? Do keep in mind Java is now owned by Oracle who has a reputation of asking for licensing costs when their software is being used by other corporates.

Have you checked your Apple Mac desktop or notebook to ensure that you run the latest Mac software which resolves this exploit?