First it was Google and now it is Apple. The smart watch concept has the rumor mill working over time. It is an Apple rumor at the moment and we all know how many times these kinds of stories happen per month. The rumored smart TV and innovation in education have been doing the rounds the last 12 months.

The smart watch is a recent addition to a longstanding industry being disrupted by technology. Watches are one of the most under appreciated possessions we own. The Pebble smart watch which was a Kickstarter project can be seen as the starting point for this industry. Google was also supposedly working on a smart watch but it seems their focus is now directed to their smart glasses which brings the digital and physical world together.

So if Apple does do an iWatch, what would be different to these other smart watches. Well, for starters they have an operating system which they have total control over. That is a huge advantage over any other manufacturer. Can you imagine Siri being seen in a watch and you can give your watch instructions to remember things, events and tasks that are to be done? It may seem foolish but the in next 15 years artificial intelligence and voice search is going to become a reality.

Apple has Sir Jony Ive who can most probably be seen as the worlds greatest industrial designer. So the iWatch is going to be a pleasure to look at.

I can really see an iWatch being a possibility. Read your email subject lines via your watch, download maps and maybe also a weather app and you are completely informed of your surroundings.