In December, the Mayans informed us that the world was to end. It is the 8th day of the New Year and the Mayans are found to be non credible. The point is that everyone held their collective breath over this and it lead to nothing. Well, the Mayans might have potentially been right for a product line from Sony.

Sony has announced that after 12 years it is ceasing any further production of the PlayStation 2 console. The Japanese manufacturer has sold 150 million devices and 1.5 billion copies of games for their console. If one thinks about this objectively it makes a lot of sense. One – money that would have been spent on potential PlayStation 2’s could now be spent on the PlayStation 3. The mere fact that Sony has kept the PlayStation 2 around for 12 years indicates to me that this console has been a cash generator for a very long time. The other side-affect of this decision is that Sony could be starting to get ready for the much rumored PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 3 has not performed as well as expected due to a variety of issues (console variety, economic changes and the arrival of tablets).

Thank you Sony for ensuring that the PlayStation 2 will go down in history as a legend in the console gaming history books and that it started hours and hours of entertainment for millions across the globe. Farewell PlayStation 2, rest in peace..

Sony PlayStation 2 console