Were you one of the earlier adopters that imported an Apple iPhone 5 when it launched in the US or pre-ordered it with a mobile operator in South Africa? The iPhone 5 is clearly Apple’s response to the Samsung Galaxy S3 which was by all accounts the mobile phone of 2012. Yes Apple folk, I did mention that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is superior in terms of sales etc.


It looks as if Apple has changed the rules of the game yet again. The Lightning connector (as seen above) for the iPhone is not compatible with previous versions of Lightning cables. The lesson is that you should look after the provided Lightning cable and consider buying an additional cable.

Regular readers will be aware that I believe in device protecting accessories (scars from broken screens and replacement costs that would make anyone just plain sad) and think it is something to be considered by new iPhone 5 owners.

Marware, Cygnett, Capdase, Moshi and Speck all have covers that cater for many tastes and it boils down to personal choice. Screen protectors are also a personal choice – some like it and others don’t. The bottom line is that you now have your dream device in your hands and accidents do happen (ask me as I have experience in gadgets breaking by accident).

Spend a few Rand and ensure that your precious iPhone 5 stays in pristine condition.