It is slowly happening and before we look around 2012 will be in the record books. What a year it has been! The iPhone 5 arrived, legal battles galore and Microsoft is transforming its business. As it is the festive season, most of us battle with something called gifting. What do you buy your partner, friends or loved ones?

A tablet is a great idea, especially if the receiver of the gift is someone who uses the Internet for news, social media, reading books etc. The choices boil down to your budget and how badly you want to ensure that you give the best gifts. There are Apple iPads, iPad Mini’s and Samsung Galaxy 2 Tablets that are potentially excellent gifts.

eReaders such as the Gobii reader and the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite are also worth considering. The common misconception with eReaders is that they will not be used often. In my personal experience, the amount of books that you read on the device will greatly surprise you. The devices have in general good battery life and are very user friendly.

Friends and family that love console games provide an easy solution to “gift buying block”. A great option is a game that the person has been hinting at.  A possible idea is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 which is available on multiple platforms (and is also a best seller). Consoles provide hours of entertainment so it is also worth considering.

Consider a flight overseas as a gift to be enjoyed in 2013 especially if the flight is to Las Vegas for CES. An overseas trip normally leads to excitement and lots of happiness (especially if you receive the gift).

Hopefully the above ideas inspire you for your festive gift buying. Happy online shopping!