Microsoft has made a change and by change I mean a complete departure from their past software philosophy. Windows 8 is arguably their biggest software bet and the Redmond company are slowly telling the world about the progress of their new operating system.

Yesterday, they did their first announcement on the user adoption numbers which has been widely reported. Windows 8 has sold 40 million licenses and it seems that Microsoft is also reviewing their licensing methodology to ensure that they get additional revenue from licenses for tablets that are being used by corporate users. The fact that Microsoft mentions licenses and not how many new versions of Windows 8 has been sold is indicative of them trying to manage expectations of the media.

Is Windows 8 the operating system that finally ensures that Microsoft is a bit more customer focused than what is currently seen? Or is it the last straw for Steve Ballmer who is under great pressure to produce a legacy at Microsoft. Is Windows 8 the operating system that will drive Microsoft’s future like Microsoft XP and  Windows 7 did in the past? These questions will all be answered in the coming months and will have large impact on Microsoft’s future.

So will you update to Windows 8 or not?