Barcode scanning is the name of the game – find the hidden entry code behind the scan. There are 3 – one per week.

Month of November 2012, 9th-29th.

Each week there will be a different hidden entry code and message which you will need to find behind a particular product barcode. What this means is;

  • You need to scan 21 different products. When scanning one of the products, instead of a price, you will find a message and a code that is unique to the competition.

  • When you have found the hidden entry code behind the product barcode, you will need to email the unique entry code, together with your contact details (name, contact number, postal code) to, stating “My unique code” as the subject line.

  •  All finalists will then be put into a draw and the winner will be randomly selected. The winner will be announced on Monday the 3rd of December 2012.

An Apple iPad is up for grabs! (Win it for yourself or save it to give as a Christmas gift.) Perfect your barcode scanning – become a pro and acquire a new talent while becoming an expert comparative shopper with S.A’s most convenient shopping aid, the PriceCheck Mobile App.

Terms and Conditions of the PriceCheck Barcode Scanning Competition.
Do read the Ts & Cs, it’s a worthwhile read, trust us! You may just find a bonus entry hidden! Click here to read.

To get scanning, download the PriceCheck Mobile App on your phone right away!