The festive season is creeping closer and closer but before we get there and start buying gifts, RSVP’ing to Christmas parties and maxing that...

The festive season is creeping closer and closer but before we get there and start buying gifts, RSVP’ing to Christmas parties and maxing that credit card, let’s take a look at some of the interesting things coming up.

Halloween has always been an American holiday/tradition celebrated on 31 October. Kids and some adults dress up in their scariest costumes and go around the neighbourhood collecting sweets and candy. If it sounds like fun to you, let me tell you…it is! I was fortunate enough to celebrate this day with some Americans and boy do they get into it This tradition has filtered throughout the world, including S.A as an excuse to get in on the action and have fun with friends and family.

The adults put almost as much effort into their costumes as the kids! The outfits are outrageous and outlandish! Some great costume ideas that I have seen are;

  • At one point I felt like I was literally in the Mario Bro’s video game as Luigi, his brother Mario, that infamous Princess and Cooper walked by.
  • Not long after I think I must have fell down the rabbit hole myself and ended up in Wonderland as I witnessed the Red and White Queens, the Cheshire cat and none other than Alice herself!
  • My absolute favourite though was a couple posing as Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsen from the hit movie musical Grease. Sounds like a regular pairing right? This couple decided to do a role reversal and the man was dressed as Sandy, clad in tight black pants, cropped top, high heeled peep toe shoes and even donned a bottle blonde wig. His female partner was dressed in a preppy get-up worn by John Travolta in the final scene.

One more thing: Also…make sure you have insanely good make up, it will really add to your character.

All in all, Halloween is a great time to dress up, go out with your mates or host a party and more importantly – have fun!



Another interesting and charitable event happening is for the guys…or Mo Bro’s! It’s MOVEMBER!!!!!  November will see “letting your hair down” go to another level as men all around will be sculpting, waxing and sprouting moustaches in aid of a GOOD CAUSE! Not to shut out the ladies – or Mo Sista’s  – if your partner, husband or boyfriend is keen to show his support you can encourage him by registering to help the cause and also raise funds by seeking sponsorship for their efforts.

A GREAT, maybe less flattering way to support would be for the ladies to grow a Mo themselves? Will you ladies be able to push vanity aside?

At the end of MOVEMBER there will naturally be a big celebration and you can throw your own MOVEMBER party! Just make sure to bring your shaving accessories and facial products along!

So…whether it be a dress up party or a party for charity and awareness, let’s have some fun as we gear up for summer.