Microsoft has announced that they will soon be adding streaming music to their Xbox platform. It may seem like a small feature but the implication of this is massive. Suddenly, the Xbox game console becomes a true multimedia centre.

Is this an admission that their Zune concept failed? I think to a small degree it is. However, Microsoft has realised that the Xbox platform is increasingly becoming a pillar of future success. Think about it; suddenly Sony, Apple (to a lesser degree) and Nintendo have to consider a response for their consoles. The Xbox console has transformed into a multimedia device in the last 12 months. Is Xbox music the feature that makes the point even more? I tend to think so.

Users love listening to music and with streaming music, the music industry gets another reminder of their downward spiral. Are music labels going to jump at the change of getting their material on yet another platform? I think they will, especially with the global appeal of the Xbox 360.

Sony and Nintendo are you hearing the Xbox music? Any plans for a response?