Nintendo finally unveiled the Wii U and it seems that Sony is responding to the Wii U. Let us be clear, console gaming is under threat – social gaming (hello Zynga and Farmville) and tablet & smart phone games seem to be carrying huge momentum in the mind of consumers. The bigger and lighter iPhone 5 is a testament to this. A larger screen device that can be carried with users the entire day is a gamer’s ultimate delight.

The console rumour mill has been going this week amidst all of the normal product launches that took place. It seems that new generation consoles are only expected in 2013. Is Sony in trouble with the PlayStation franchise? If one reads between the lines it seems the entire Sony business is under great pressure to perform. However a smaller and more expensive console is not really the solution for a company looking to entice users to buy their consoles.  Is this the brick into the Microsoft glass house that would lead to a special version of the Xbox for the festive season? The problem for Sony is that their Playstation 3 console has not evolved into a media centre like the Xbox has.

Sony really needs a winner in the console space pretty soon otherwise I think we will see them offloading the business to a potential rival. So Sony any more surprises?