What does Finland and Samsung have in common? Not a lot. One is a country and the other is a corporate behemoth that is gaining serious momentum in the entire consumer electronics space. Finland is known for 2 things: Nokia and Rovio Mobile. Rovio Mobile is not well known in comparison to Nokia but boy have they made a big impact in the mobile and PC industries. I have purposefully not told you what Rovio Mobile makes as I wanted to build some anticipation. Rovio Mobile is the maker of Angry Birds.

Samsung announced today the launch of  an app for Angry Birds on selected LED TV’s. I think most gadget collectors/owners have been racking their brains about smart TV’s and their capabilities. Well, now Samsung has partly solved that with this app. Being able to play the game by means of the Smart Interaction gesture recognition that Samsung has enabled on certain LED TV’s will lead to Kinect-like results. (For those not sure, Kinect has created an new industry for the Xbox console)

Users will be able to download it direct to their TV’s and spend hours trying to help the Angry Birds destroy the pigs. Can you imagine playing the game on a large LED screen? Man alive that takes the Angry Birds product into a new vertical. It seems to confirm that Angry Birds has become a main stream product (and a productivity killer of note). Rumours are also swirling that the Angry Birds Trilogy is to be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  Will playing Angry Birds on a Samsung smart LED TV sway your purchase decision?