If you use a notebook daily, the day it does not work is one that you fear.  I recently cracked the screen of my trusty Dell notebook and only then did I realize how much I neglect the device. This is not one of those support meeting kind of posts where I try to save a notebook who chronically shows the Microsoft blue screen of death but rather a plea. Your workhorse aids in browsing the Internet, doing email and posting content on social networks. However I wonder, have you considered extending the life span of your notebook?

The most obvious solution is to do regular checks and maintenance on your device. However a notebook cooling stand can also prolong the life of your notebook, as it blows cooler air on the processing unit.

Belkin notebook cooler seen from the top

I have had the privilege of having a Belkin notebook cooling stand for the last 10 days. Belkin is one of those unsung manufacturers who daily help millions of people do work etc. You never read any Apple-esque posts on an awaited product launch from Belkin yet without the company a void is created for millions of users worldwide.

Belkin F5L055ERBLK notebook cooling stand
Taking the device out of the packaging is super easy. It is literally removing just one sticker that holds the plastic cover together. After taking it out, the notebook stand is to be turned so that the wiring below the stand can be removed. The cable contains a USB ending that when plugged in to your notebook switches on the fan found inside of the notebook stand. The fan blows the much needed cool air onto the notebook processor. The initial sound is a bit of a shock but after using the device for a couple of days I became used to it. The sound is not a deal breaker in my opinion.

The Belkin Notebook Cooling Stand has very low power consumption, with no significant impact on the battery life. It fits neatly into your laptop case and features a useful storage compartment to keep the USB cable tidied away when not in use.


  • Patented wave design enhances cooling capabilities
  • Fits conveniently within laptop bag
  • Convenient storage compartment for USB cable when not in use
  • Grip pads to prevent laptop from slipping
  • Lifetime warranty

Cooling your notebook is one simple way to prolong the life of your device.  I must admit after using the device for a couple of days I could not stop thinking about why it took a review unit to confirm the need for a notebook cooling stand. The Belkin F5L055ERBLK is an excellent notebook cooling stand and a definite investment into your notebook.