You can now download the PriceCheck Barcode Scanner Application from iTunes for your iPhone. With nearly 7 million supported products with barcodes, the PriceCheck Barcode Scanner app provides realtime product and pricing for users.

The PriceCheck Barcode Scanner is a handy tool supplying you with comparative offers from online shops based on a brick-and-mortar in-store product you are interested in. The application uses your phone’s camera and scans any product barcode typically found on its packaging (seen in the image below).

The barcode scanner sends this code to the PriceCheck system which searches its database for a product with a matching barcode. The matching product is then displayed on the PriceCheck Mobile website (as seen in the image below). Clicking on this product will list comparative offers put forward by various online shops.

The Barcode scanning app is an evolution from the Web Icon application.  A South African first, the Barcode scanning app is a helpful companion for making your shopping even more rewarding.

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