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What lies ahead for 2012?


It’s official! Christmas is here. TV commercials, radio ads, decorations and the ever present sounds of bells and chimes. You are probably hearing different versions of “Jingle Bell Rock” and Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You” on constant rotation at your local mall and stores. So…let’s take a moment and think beyond Christmas and into the New Year and segue to the ‘New Year’s Resolution’.

Let’s talk about the definition of a new year’s resolution. It is a commitment you make to a project, personal goal or mending those vices. Is your definition the same? Have a look at some of the statistics surrounding New Year’s Resolutions. According to Stephen Shapiro:

“Only 8% of people are always successful in achieving their resolutions. 19% achieve their resolutions every other year. 49% have infrequent success. 24% (one in four people) NEVER succeed and have failed on every resolution every year. That means that 3 out of 4 people almost never succeed.”

Here is your chance to better those statistics and a chance to say “I actually did it!” Get a head start and do something NOW!

If getting fit is your goal for the upcoming year then why not try out a Zumba class. This is a fusion of Latin and international music which combines dance and aerobic movements. It is a fun way to literally dance yourself into shape.

The Zumba classes are offered at Suncoast Casino & Entertainment World in Durban and at your local gym. If Zumba is not your style or you have so much fun doing it – check out the other fitness classes on offer.

Always wanted to play a musical instrument? How about making this your new project for 2012! Channel your inner rock star (Like Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen perhaps?), get out your drum set and jam at The Red Door in Pietermaritzburg every second Tuesday. If you don’t have your own drum set, you can hire one directly at The Red Door.

Raucous noise of the drums not your style? Constantly thinking about being more calm and serene but never had the chance? The Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Johannesburg could be the answer! The centre makes drop-in classes available so that if this style of meditation is not for you, you have the option to find another class that best suits you. Everyone from beginners to experienced meditators are welcome and there is also time for questions and/or discussions.

The classes are R40 and start at 7pm.

Ever fancied being an artist? Cape Town artist Margie Johnson has been teaching art and painting for 18 years and will for sure be able to extract and hone your artistic talents. If you’ve always wanted to take up painting as a new year’s resolution, Margie’s classes may be the key to unlocking your inner Picasso.

You can choose between oil and water colour classes. Beginners as well as adults are welcome to join. This is a perfect opportunity for you to be creative and have the space to feel artistically uninhibited.

Classes are held from Tuesday – Thursday.

What will your new year’s resolution be? Are you going to stop smoking? Get a new job? Start living more of a healthy lifestyle? Whatever your resolution is, make it count and most of all stick to it.

Let us know what YOUR choice is by leaving a comment!

Happy holidays


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