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Travelling For a Race? Here’s Your Essential Packing List


Packing for any trip can be a stressful business, but having to shove in all the extra bits and bobs you need for a race during your travels can take your stress levels through the roof. If you’re heading to Cape Town for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon and are struggling to decide what to find space for your in your suitcase and what to leave behind just take a look at this handy packing list below.

Carry-on essentials

Packing your carry-on in a strategic way is crucial when you’re travelling to run a race. If you make it to your destination but your checked-in luggage doesn’t then the goodies in your carry-on should still enable you to run the race.

You will need your basic race essentials such as your race number, timing device, empty water bottle, hat, headband or buff, running shoes (wear them on the plane if possible), underwear, long-sleeved T-shirt, sports socks, gym shorts or tights, race-appropriate T-shirt or tank top, and for the ladies, a sports bra and extra hair ties.

Don’t forget to download the course map and directions to the race and or contact details for your race pick up and save them on your smartphone. You will need these come race day!

Once you’ve covered your race essentials don’t forget to include travel-sized toiletries as well as a few more travel-sized race essentials like sunscreen, lip balm, plasters/bandages, and Ibuprofen for after the race. If you’ve got space throw in a few energy gel sachets so you know you’ll be well prepared on race day should your main luggage not arrive.

Check in luggage

Your main bag should include your bigger, nice-to-have items for the race as well as items that are not permitted in your carry-on bag.

These include:

– Safety pins
– An additional set of running gear if you plan on doing a few light runs before the race.
–  Waterproof jacket
– A head lamp (just in case)
– A plastic bag for sweaty, dirty clothes
– Vaseline or other anti-chafing lotion
– Gym towel
– Post-race ice sprays, warming gels, and ice wraps
– An old long sleeve T-shirt, beanie, and gloves you can toss during the race (if it’s due to be cold the morning of the race).
– Non-perishable post-race snacks: solid choices include nuts, dried fruit, or energy bars.

These suggestions of what to pack in your race bag will ensure that you’re organised and ready to encounter almost any race-morning mishap. You will probably find that your pre-race race goodie bag will contain a few of these items but it’s always good to pack small essentials like safety pins and post-race snacks as you can’t count on what will be included from sponsors in your race pack – especially when most races only allow you to collect your race pack a day or two before the morning of the race.

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