Thursday, December 2

SodaStream Releases Pepsi Concentrates in South Africa


SodaStream and PepsiCo have joined forces to launch a new range of syrups that will enable South Africans to make a range of popular Pepsi soft drinks at home within seconds. Thanks to the newly launched range of PepsiCo Sodastream syrups, South African soda fans can now make their favourite PepsiCo drinks to their own tastes at home, whenever the mood strikes.

The range of syrups are designed to work with existing SodaStream machines and offer convenient access to your favourite Pepsi drinks while also helping customers to cut back on single-use plastics at home.


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While SodaStream has always offered a way for soft drink lovers to make their own soft drinks at home, this new collaboration with PepsiCo is a big deal for anyone who wants to enjoy the real deal, rather than off-brand imitations.

Luckily, SodaStream now offers a solution to excessive plastic with this exciting new range that tastes just like your favourite PepsiCo drinks when added to carbonated water. SodaStream says that one SodaStream bottle replaces 5,070 bottles (an average family over 3 years). Every SodaStream bottle works toward eliminating thousands of single-use plastic bottles and keeps our planet healthier and cleaner for everyone.


The SodaStream PepsiCo range includes five flavours including popular sugar-free options! Fans can choose from sugar-free Pepsi Max and 7 Up Free as well as Pepsi, 7UP, and Mirinda. The syrups have been designed to be used with SodaSteam’s sparkling water markers and work to flavour a 1L bottle of sparkling water after it has been made instantly in a SodaStream machine.

As for the SodaStream machines, these easy to use gadgets are a great alternative to buying bottles of sparkling water and soft drinks and allow you to transform ordinary tap water into sparkling water in seconds. By making ordinary tap water fun and exciting to drink, SodaStream says it helps you drink more water – 43% more according to SodaStream’s research.

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