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Nike Reveals Joyride Sneakers to Make Running More ‘Fun’


In attempt to reintroduce fun and enjoyability back into running, Nike has unveiled its latest running shoe, the Joyride, bringing with it Nike’s new proprietary technology for the first time.

The Nike Joyride is a purpose-built running shoe; but it isn’t designed for the high-end user, and rather for the everyday person who wants running to be a little ‘easier’ with less impact on their joints.

In addition to the entire upper being made of Flyknit material, they achieve this ease-of-running feeling by packing the sole with Nike’s new TPE beads (a copolymer of plastic and rubber) – and there are 10,000 of them in each sole. Segmented into zonally-tuned pods, the beads create a dynamic footbed that forms to your foot and expands in all directions as it learns how you plant your foot.

Somewhat similar to Puma’s NRGY beads, the Joyride looks to confirm that the rubberised beads will in fact be a mainstay for running sneakers to come in the foreseeable future.

The Nike Joyride will hit stores on 15 August for $180 (around R2,630). South African pricing is yet to be confirmed.

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