Thursday, December 2

Lou Harvey Lori Beth Skirt


Lou Harvey is a well known South African designer famous for her flamboyant style and popular, chic accessories. She was born in Durban but spent most of her time studying and living in the UK. Her trendy designs have reached mass popularity in South Africa and are stocked in over 250 stores nationwide.

More importantly, Lou Harvey has designed this Lori Beth skirt.

Lou Harvey Lori Beth skirt
Most importantly, I want one.

Whilst I am not a huge fan of the floral motif usually, there is something about this skirt that really appeals to me. I am one of the few people that can pull off yellow (clearly a major achievement in life) and the cut of the skirt is retro but in a cute ”I want to go dancing” way. I like I like. It is not as pricey as you would expect from a South African designer (think Woolworth and their range of SA designers…you would easily be forced to pay R700 for a summer dress…*cough*).

It is definitely going on my ”must have” summer list (which is growing at a scary exponential rate at the moment…damn my love for pretty things).


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