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Getting the Most From Your Running Shoes


Finding the perfect pair of running shoes is no easy task. So, once you find that pair that offers the ideal combination of comfort and style, it goes without saying that getting the most out of them is hugely important. Knowing how to extend the lifespan of your shoes will help you get the most bang for your buck and, hopefully, keep you injury-free for longer.

Follow our tips on how to find the right running shoes for your needs and then keep reading for advice on how to take care of your new ‘sole mates’ and make them last for the long haul:


Most running gear experts recommend that avid runners replace their trainers every 500 to 800 kilometres which works out to every five to eight months if you’re running 25 kilometres a week. If your weekly mileage is more, you’re going to have to replace them even sooner, which can work out to be a pricey business!

Buy shoes suited to the terrain your run on:

It’s important to buy shoes that are suited to the surface you run on most often. If you often run on uneven, wet trails, you’ll quickly wear through basic running shoes that have been made with road running in mind. Trail runners will find that splurging on a good pair of trail running shoes will help prolong the life of their running shoes.

Buying the right running shoes for your chosen terrain is also key when avoiding injury. Buying the correct trainers for trail running, road running, or the occasional treadmill session is key. This advice is particularly important if you’re shopping for running shoes for bad knees or hip pain.

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Save them for the road:

If you buy running shoes, then use them for running only. As tempting as it may be to wear your trainers when you’re out running errands, it’s best to save them for just your runs. Wearing your running shoes for other activities will cause them to wear out faster.

Another great way for avid runners to extend the life of their running shoes is to rotate running shoes. If your budget allows for it, invest in two pairs of the same shoe and then alternate between the two pairs. Alternating between two different pairs gives them enough time to decompress and fully dry out between runs, extending their lifespan. You can also try having one pair of trainers for dirtier outdoor road runs and another for cleaner indoor treadmill runs.

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Air them out:

Once you’re done breaking a sweat don’t forget to air out your running shoes. Undo the laces before taking off your shoes and give them time to air out before shoving them back into a dark cupboard. Slipping your trainers on or off without untying the laces can stretch out your shoes and affect the snug fit while musty, mouldy shoes will need to be replaced even sooner than the recommended time.

It’s important to ensure your running shoes stay clean but never throw them into the washing machine. Harsh detergents can melt the glue that holds your shoes together, dramatically shortening their lifespan. Instead, wash your shoes gently using a sponge and a bucket of warm soapy water.

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